Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis or Lasik, is mostperformed refractive surgery in the world.

 In Lasik, the eye surgeon uses a microsurgicalinstrument called microkeratome / Femtosecond Laser FS 200 (Bladeless) to create the corneal flap and Excimer Laser(EX 500 world’s fastest Laser) to reshapethe cornea according to patient’s refractive error insuch a way that the rays are focused on the retina automatically without the help of glasses or contactlenses.
 More than 5-6 million of eyes are operated every yearby Lasik Laser worldwide.
 It is the safest method in which there is no pain, noinjection, no dressing and the procedure is of fewseconds only.
 Patient can resume his/her work from the very nextday.
 Lasik is an outpatient surgical procedure used to treatmyopia (Near Sightedness), hyperopia (Far Sightedness) and Astigmatism.
 Lasik eliminates your dependence on glasses andcontact lenses.
 Almost every patient achieves normal vision after Lasik Laser procedure.
 Patient can read, write, work on computer, travel,cook, watch T.V., go for a movie, drive his/her vehicleand shower or head bath from the very next day.
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